How to avoid ads on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms providing a whole lotta content to pass some leisure time watching favorite streamers and having fun in chat.

What is cool about is that it’s a free service available as an application for the majority of handheld devices and is accessible via a browser on the PC. What is not cool about it is that it has lots of ads. Like, literally, LOTS of ads. The last time I tried watching a random musician stream, I had 6 ads in a row right at the very beginning.

You may find dozens of different articles on the Internet that contain various methods of removing twitch ads. Some of them are questionable, others are unreliable. What should you do then? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll tell you how to block twitch ads without a hassle.

Twitch ads that make us Sadge

Every 5 minutes or so, twitch viewers get spammed with a bunch of ads — from 2 to 6 or even 8. What’s ridiculous about ads on twitch is that the majority of them are unskippable. Like, you came not to watch a stream, but teleshopping.

People admit that twitch ads are the most invasive ads that ever existed on the Internet. There’s no adult site, pirate bay, generic mobile application, or anything that tops or comes close to how invasive Twitch commercials are. My “favorites” are ear-blasting commercial pitches that roll in on max volume. I wish you knew how many sweet dreams were ruined. Twitch should’ve worked on auto-tuning the volume of the advertisement. Well, if you’re used to taking a nap while bingeing Tyler1, then you’re a machine.

Paid subscription

To start with, I’d like to consider the paid sub and prime sub. By subscribing to the favorite streamer/channel you not only support their work but get rid of ads also. You can subscribe to a multitude of channels of your liking for 5 bucks (per month, of course) each and never see ads there. If you have an active amazon prime sub then you may also use it to subscribe to some streamer for free. Well, I mean, amazon prime is not free, but you may use it for a free twitch subscription. Okay, for instance, you like 5 streamers and their content. You subscribe to each one of them. Minus $25 per month.

Of course, you get a subscriber’s badge, streamer’s attention, and a pack of nice emojis, but come on. I don’t consider paid subs as an anti-advertisement measure. It’s more like a contribution to the channel, an appreciation of work done by the streamer, right?

Ad-free browsers

Yeah, you definitely know about Brave, TOR, DuckDuckGo, and Bromite, don’t you? These all are secure browsers with an inbuilt function of blocking commercials. They provide a nice and smooth browsing experience across the clean web and what’s important — they allow users to watch twitch without ads.

And while using an ad-free browser to watch twitch on a PC is alright, it’s not that convenient on a mobile device. Yeah, I don’t like to watch twitch on my smartphone via a browser either.


VPN would help significantly cut down the number of adverts but it won’t remove them all. Most commercials would not pop if you enable a VPN connection through Slovakia or Lithuania, for instance. Why so? Because the number of ads targeted at English-speaking viewers is huge. And if you’re rerouted through Lithuania, twitch servers would not recognize you as a part of the English-speaking community. Simple as that. Yeah, you would definitely see some odd commercials in the Lithuanian language, but only a couple of them.

The downside of this method is that depending on a VPN provider you may get not the best twitch experience — the stream would lag and stutter, you won’t be able to watch it in 1080p, etc.

Ad Blocker

Basically, a reliable ad blocker is the best solution to any ad problem. Twitch is constantly changing the type/format of ads and the way they’re served. On top of that, the platform increases the number of ads almost every week. I had only to turn off my adblocker for the ads to start bombarding me. I repeat: I had to watch 6 ads before I could type “Hey Mr. strimmer and chat”. Never again will I go watch twitch unarmed.

Speaking of an adblocker, AdLock is the best. No joke, it helps to block ads on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Crunchyroll, and other popular video streaming platforms and websites. Being available as an extension and as a standalone application, it beats the crap out of ads, trackers, and diverse data-collecting scripts scattered all over the Internet.

So, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to;
  • Choose the operating system (in the “Products” tab);
  • Download the app and launch it;
  • Go through the onboarding procedure;
  • Enjoy your ad-free experience.

Since ads and their delivery are everchanging, you should make sure to have a relevant version of AdLock. Check for updates from the app menu.


And here goes the overview of methods you can use to block ads on twitch. Of course, I could’ve considered other third-party players, apps, and extensions, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Given that the majority of third-party apps practice collecting/transferring/selling users’ personal data, I wouldn’t want to suggest you use them.

Using AdLock is beneficial not only ad blocking-wise but security-wise as well. It is created by experienced cybersecurity experts who value users’ online privacy and security. AdLock provides the best data protection and is constantly improved by the dedicated team of developers. Adblocking is a bonus.