9 Essential Apps for College Students

Everyone today considers a cell phone to be a necessity, and no one can envision life without one in the modern era. While there are many drawbacks for students, they can also be advantageous because they can save time and become more productive. As it was a few years ago, you no longer need to look for online essay assistance by visiting an essay help website because an app offers everything you need. Everything is in your hands, whether you want to take a course, listen to a translation of your religious texts, locate course materials, or keep track of your health objectives. These apps can help students perform better and work more efficiently. Apps can nevertheless provide users with essential material and functionality in offline mode even though they may require internet connectivity to complete the majority of their duties.

The following are some fantastic apps for college students.

My Study Life

Because it is free and simple to use, it is one of the fundamental apps that every student must download. It primarily functions as a study planner to help students and teachers manage their workload. Your exam and assignments can be stored in the cloud so you can view them from anywhere in the future. It tracks your progress on numerous assignments and keeps track of due dates.

Scientific calculator RealCalc

This program enables you to solve hard mathematical problems just like a calculator while we are sitting down to combine studies and remember that we forgot to carry your scientific calculator.


The most popular software among research students is Writance because it takes time to understand all the different citation formats. For these students, Writance does it. The majority of the specialists you consult for your essays utilize this software to save time and complete many citations accurately. These individuals work for essay writing services in addition to being research specialists. You can also go to them if you need college essay help with a technical academic task. Did anyone ever say, “Where can I pay to write my essay,”? The service performs this.


Studious aids students by keeping track of their due dates for his assignments and can even reduce distractions by automatically putting his phone on silent. This is dependent on the time that you have allotted for class. Similar to My Study Life, it aids in cloud-based note storage.


With the aid of this software, you may edit PDF files, manage your assignments, create to-do lists, scan handwritten documents, and even record lectures for subsequent listening.

Oxford Reference

This program will assist you in learning the definitions, antonyms, and meanings of any challenging terms. As a result, it is essential for every student’s academic success.

Chrome Docs

You should download the Google Docs app so you may create and modify documents whenever you want and share them with others.


Essayassistant.net offers exceptional homework assistance to children since they can quickly and accurately respond to their inquiries on a variety of subjects. Simply take a picture of your query, describe the issue you’re having, and wait for an Essayassistant.net expert to respond. You won’t regret paying any fees for the service because it is incredibly simple.


Even while Alarmy can be inconvenient at times, it’s an entertaining approach to deal with routine. It enables you to get up in time for your lesson or studies. If you don’t take a picture of something, it won’t allow you to go to sleep. You’ll be awake by then and have probably lost your sleep.