How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse

Using the best gaming mouse is crucial, regardless if you’re playing League of Legends or Grand Theft Auto. But, the term “best” is relative as the PC gaming peripheral should match your personal preferences. Consider the following essential factors before choosing the right mouse for your gaming needs.

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Gaming mice may stand in a category of their own when talking about their designs. It’s because several brands choose to use sharp-edged aesthetics to separate their gaming peripherals from mice for productivity. However, it doesn’t mean that all gaming mice have those sharp edges. Some models even have the basic aesthetics of the conventional computer mouse, but have specs made for gaming.

Hence, you should pick a gaming mouse that suits your design preferences. Do you want an edgy-looking gaming mouse?  Or, perhaps, you still want the minimalist aesthetics of the classic-looking peripheral. Don’t forget to match the design of the mouse you choose with your gaming rig.

If you find it challenging to search for a gaming mouse that matches your rig, you can consider using a custom-design model instead. For example, you want your Razer Deathadder to match the camouflage look of your gaming PC. Use custom skins for that particular mouse. In turn, you can make the product look like a custom gaming mouse.


Several gaming mice will still have that industry-standard design. In other words, you’re still going to use buttons, like the left, right, and middle buttons. But, these gaming peripherals tend to separate themselves from the crowd with the existence of extra features.

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Some of these additional features include:

  • Extra buttons – Some games require players to use different functions in quick succession. If you’re playing them, opt to use a mouse that has extra buttons on its shell. That way, you won’t have to waste precious seconds in moving your fingers across the entire length of the keyboard to activate a command.
  • Wheel encoder – Many people tend to use the middle mouse wheel to scroll through an app or webpage. Conversely, many gamers use that specific feature to switch weapons or use scopes to snipe enemies from afar. Choose the right wheel encoder that matches the game genres you prefer. Some encoders have ratchet stops, freewheel, or horizontal motions.
  • Button stiffness – Some gaming mice require additional force to make the character on the screen respond to commands. Choose a mouse based on the intensity of your clicking during gameplay. Some players like rigid mouse buttons, whereas you might prefer softer variants.

Also, consider the other uses of the gaming mouse you buy. After all, you’re not going to play videogames all the time. The peripheral you buy should also coincide with other PC activities, such as web browsing, document creation, and online streaming.

Grip Style

Consider your mouse-gripping style when choosing the right gaming peripheral. Although each player has a unique grip style, it’s possible to separate grip styles into three broad categories:

  • Palm grip – The palm and fingers lay flat on the mouse’s shell.
  • Tip grip – Only the tips of some fingers, particularly the index, middle, and ring fingers, rest on the mouse buttons.
  • Claw grip – The shape of the hand imitates a claw. This grip allows the palm to rest on the back edge of the mouse, while the tips of the index, middle, and ring fingers rest on the different buttons.

Your unique grip style should coincide with the shape of the mouse. Otherwise, you might encounter some issues during gameplay, such as misfiring weapons or delayed movements. Moreover, using the wrong mouse for your grip style can make gaming for extended periods uncomfortable.

Dots Per Linear Inch (DPI)

Perhaps, you’ve already seen computer mice with various numbers attached to their DPIs. The DPI is a relatively simple way of measuring the peripheral’s sensitivity when you move it around. You can take advantage of high-sensitive mice when they have high DPI ranges.

Consider choosing a gaming mouse with a DPI range that matches your playstyle. For example, you may need to switch DPI on the fly. Look for a model with buttons on the shell that allow you to take advantage of this functionality.

Quick DPI changes can save you in several gaming situations. One example is to change your mouse’s DPI to a low setting while you’re targeting spells in World of Warcraft. Then, choose a higher setting if you need to change your location for those clutch boss-killing moments.


Choosing the best gaming mouse requires you to scour the market for the right model that fits your specific preferences. Don’t forget to consider the design and features of your preferred gaming peripheral. Think about your unique mouse-gripping style as well. Take the time in researching the different models in the market, and you’ll have a mouse that might make you win tournaments.