How To Choose The Right Hosting For Minecraft

People of all ages can play Minecraft. Kids, teens, and adults find this blocky sandbox game as a complete joy to behold. Players can let their imaginations fly as they can create almost anything their minds and hearts desire, provided they have the right materials for the job.

Perhaps, one of the advantages of playing Minecraft is its ability to create custom games. But, you still need to use an appropriate hosting service to handle the software’s load. Thus, continue reading to learn the essential requirements to consider in choosing the right hosting for Minecraft.

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Computers need a processor, which acts as the brains for the systems. The functions of offline and online applications need to go through the central processing unit (CPU) to perform actions.

The CPU is also like the human brain when talking about processing ideas. If the human brain becomes overloaded with thoughts, it tends to be under pressure, which can lead to issues, like memory loss and mental fogs.

A similar idea is real for CPUs. If the CPU can’t handle the tasks sent by the user and the application, it’ll show signs of stress. Lags, latency issues, and crashes will become prominent if the server’s CPU can’t handle the load.

Hence, you need to find a Minecraft server hosting provider with a CPU that can handle heavy stress brought by the game. Consider a server host that can handle the following functions:

  • Plugins
  • Mod installations
  • Frequent backups
  • Pre-installed MySQL
  • Dedicated plugin ports

Moreover, consider investing in a paid Minecraft server hosting plan. You can find free options online. But, there’s a high chance that you’ll run into several limitations that can significantly affect the overall experience of the game.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

You should see RAM in one of the components if you see a smart device’s spec sheet. RAM is one of the critical components of several smart devices, such as your smartphone.

This part temporarily stores data from different sources. The CPU may acquire data from the RAM for different uses, hence, the RAM helps the CPU lessen the processing load. Without the RAM or if this particular component can’t handle the stress delivered by different apps, then, the CPU will have no choice but to feel the full breadth of every process it receives.

Search for a Minecraft hosting with at least 1GB of RAM to provide for your custom game. But, consider going the extra mile by adding 1GB to ensure that the CPU and RAM can still function correctly under heavy stress.

Furthermore, aim to use a dedicated server instead of investing in a shared hosting plan. Shared hosts can help you save money, but you’re going to share the server spot with other custom Minecraft games. Hence, you’re not going to enjoy the entire 1GB or 2GB of RAM, which can lead to some chaotic scenarios.

Conversely, using a dedicated server means that you’re going to have the space all to yourself. Plus, you can take advantage of extra features, such as improved stability, security, and privacy.


Are you planning on creating a custom Minecraft game for yourself?  Perhaps, you want other people to join in on the fun. Either way, you need to allocate a sufficient amount of bandwidth to avoid connectivity problems.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferrable from point A to point B. If the server has a low bandwidth capacity, the players in the custom Minecraft game will experience lags and disconnection issues. Aim for a Minecraft hosting provider that can offer about 100MB per hour per connected user.

Moreover, choose a host that can scale to your needs. For example, your chosen Minecraft server host can offer a maximum of 500MB per hour per user. Thus, your custom game can cater to a maximum of five people at any given time. But, if you want to increase the number of players in your custom Minecraft game, you can ask the server host to increase your bandwidth allocation based on your needs.

Many hosting providers can offer bandwidth allocations monthly. You can also opt to increase the bandwidth port speed to provide better gameplay for all players.


Think about the processor, RAM, and bandwidth when shopping for a custom Minecraft game for a hosting provider. Take the time to look at the different server hosting providers to ensure that you and your players will gain enjoyable, lag-free experiences while playing this sandbox title. Remember that you can also look into other essential factors to create better Minecraft gaming experiences for your players.