How to Colorize Old Family Photos with Vance AI Photo Colorizer

When you have old family photos in your album, how often would you share them with your family or friends? Many people tend to keep old family photos in photobooks, which are easily overlooked in this digital world.

Today, anyone can access appealing images in color. Shooting an amazing photo for family with their smartphone or camera cannot be any simpler. Old photos are dull, but they are priceless treasures because they allow you to step into the past and find out stories of older members in your family.

Do you want to bring these old photos back to life? If you want to give your black and white photos a modern look, an AI-powered photo colorizer from Vance AI can be a great choice. Vance AI Photo Colorizer uses AI colorization technology to add lifelike colors to black and white photos. In this article, you will learn how to colorize old family photos online using the photo colorizer.

vance ai photo colorizer

How to Colorize Old Family Photos with Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

Step 1:Upload an old photo to the AI photo colorizer

Drag & drop an old black and white photo to the uploading page of the AI photo colorizer.

uploading page of vance ai

Step 2:Choose colorization model

Choose high quality mode by default. For best quality, you will need to upgrade to pro plan. Then click “Start” to move on.

choose colorize model

Step 3:Colorize old photo in one click

Once you upload the image, the AI will process and colorize photo automatically.

Step 4:Download the image colorized

Wait a few seconds before you see the preview image. Click “Download” to save it.

download the result

What can Vance AI Photo Colorizer do?

Vance AI Photo Colorizer is an intuitive photo colorization tool for black and white photos. Instead of using brushes to add color pixel by pixel, you can colorize any of your old black and white photos online with the AI photo colorizer. Based on deep learning and neural networks, the AI is capable of detecting the items in your old photos and colorizing them intelligently. No matter if you have old family photos, portraits of Marilyn Monroe, or historic buildings, you can restore them in one click with the AI photo colorizer.

Features of AI photo colorizer

Colorize black and white photos online in one click

The online photo colorizer allows you to transform black and white photos in just one click. No need to download any software or apps.

Add natural and consistent color to old photos

Thanks to AI technology, the AI photo colorizer can add natural and consistent color to old black and white photos. It outperforms traditional solutions using just filters.

Colorize photos using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

The AI Photo Colorizer is based on deep Convolutional Neural Network that were trained on millions of black and white photos and colored images.

Is the AI photo colorizer accurate?

Yes. The AI photo colorizer can restore the colors in the images, not 100% accurately, but quite consistently. Look at the comparison images here. You will be the judge.

family photo colorized by vance ai

girls colorized by vance ai


AI technology is beyond our imagination. From this AI photo colorizer to Vance AI’s Image Cartoonizer, you can not only colorize old photos but also do something creative, say, going from photo to cartoon. Would you like to try this AI photo colorizer? Let me know by leaving your comment below.