How to Convert Video to Audio – 2020

Extracting audio track from a video clip is an easy process as compared to converting a video to a different format, or transcoding it to a lossless file for post-production tasks. However, you still need an efficient tool that can get the job done for you with utmost precision, and without damaging the quality of the audio file that comes out.

One such tool that covers the entire spectrum in this context is UniConverter, a product designed and developed by one of the most reputed organizations, Wondershare. Wondershare UniConverter makes it fairly easy to pull audio from a video footage, and the entire process can be done with merely a couple of mouse clicks.

Brief History of WondershareUniConverter

First unveiled in the year 2009, UniConverter, available for both Mac and Windows computers, was formerly known as Video Converter Ultimate. Even though the tool supported almost all the major file extensions right from the start, initially itonly used to convert the video clips to a different format.

Later, as the technology evolved, Wondershare became smarter, and now with 24 hours technical support, the giant has come up withUniConverter as its ultimate and one of the best creations to perform almost every task that many of the reputed post-production programs fail to do.

Convert Video to Audio with WondershareUniConverter

As mentioned earlier, converting a video to audio has become a child’s play with WondershareUniConverter. That said, the step-by-step instructions that follow explain how to pull an audio from a footage in the easiest possible manner:

Step 1: Import a Video File

After downloading and installing WondershareUniConverter from its official website, launch the program, make sure that the Convert tile is selected from the top, click the Add Files icon from the center of the window, and use the Open box that comes up next to import the video you want to extract the audio from.

video audio 1

Step 2: Choose an Audio Format

Click the Convert all files to (Convert all tasks to on macOS) menu from the top-right corner to open it, go to the Audio tab from the top, select your preferred audio format from the left pane (MP3 for this example), and choose an audio quality preset from the right (Same as source for this example).

video audio 2

Step 3: Click Convert to Extract the Audio

Click the Browse (Folder) icon next to the Output field at the bottom, choose a destination folder you want to save the extracted audio file to, and click Convert to convert the video to audio. In case there are multiple files to pull the audio from, you must click Convert All from the bottom-right corner of the interface.

video audio 3

What Else Does WondershareUniConverterDo?

WondershareUniConverter is a complete package (or suite) for anyone and everyone who has anything to do with multimedia. Simply put, if you are into post-production business, looking for a good conversion tool, or even a trainer, WondershareUniConverter has your back. Some of the most useful tools that the program is enriched with include:

  • Video Format Converter

It is quite obvious that WondershareUniConverter wouldn’t ever forget its base, i.e. from where its journey toward today’s success began. In fact, Wondershare enhance its efficiency. In other words, with 1000+ supporting formats, UniConverter can now recognize even more extensions, and is capable of converting a video clip(s) to various types of formats so that the output file(s)can be played on the devices or computers with different architecture or platform/operating system respectively.

The method of converting a footage to a different format is identical to the one that is explained above. The only difference is that in this process, you need to pick a video file extension instead of audio.

video audio 4

  • Optical Media Burner

UniConverter has a built-in disc burner. With this, you don’t have to buy a dedicated program to write data on an optical storage separately. At the time of this writing, the type of DVDs and Blu-ray discs that WondershareUniConverter supports include DVD5, DVD9, BD25, and BD50. The software also enables you to include labels and themes while burning the data on to the discs. In addition to this, you can even specify the picture quality, aspect ratio, and the menu type that the media would have post burning.

Alternatively, you can choose to create an ISO image of the data that can be burned on to an optical storage disc as per your convenient time, or mounted to the virtual drive your operating system or a third-party program may have.

video audio 5

  • Video Editor

Since WondershareUniConverter is a post-production program as well, it has a built-in video editor that enables youtrim, crop, add transition effects, place watermarks, include subtitles, and apply color corrections to the clips. Because the software is lightweight, it can be used on older computers or those with less powerful hardware, and can even process the given tasks at around 30x faster speed.

video audio 6

  • Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is yet another built-in program that WondershareUniConvertr has. With the ability to record system audio and the voices that your computer’s microphone receives, the integrated tool enables you to create professional-level interactive training videos that can be used to educate your trainees at remote locations, train your employees or interns, or even demonstrate any issue to the technical team. All in all, with the screen recording tool, you don’t have to invest any funds in a dedicated screencasting app to record your computer screen.

video audio 7

Considering all the useful tools mentioned in the above sections, it would be safe to say that WondershareUniConverter is a one-stop shop for almost everyone who uses a computer and is interested in any kind of multimedia tasks.

How and When to Obtain WondershareUniConverter?

The trial version WondershareUniConverter can be downloaded from its official website. After using the app for a while, once and if you find it useful, efficient, and simple to work with, you can go ahead and buy a valid license key, and continue using all its features throughout the lifetime.