Phones have become an integral part of people’s lives and a new industry arose to cater to their protection and to make them more interesting. Phone case makers came up with the brilliant idea of protecting your phone and people were immediately looking for ones that had interesting designs. Since the phone industry seems to have homogenized, many phones have a similar look to them regardless of the brand or even cost. Having an interesting design on your phone case separates your phone from the masses and, if your phone case is custom made, shows off your creative side.

There are a few options when considering whether you want to make a phone case, such as what kind of case you will choose is also a consideration. You also have to consider whether you will create a personalized design or use a template and customize it with your own words or images.

Case Style

  1. Sleek/slim

This is the slimmest case available, offering little protection but it is easy to take on and off. It is compatible with wireless charging and NFC applications.

  1. Tough

Made with dual-layers of polymer and silicone to protect your phone. This case provides a high level of protection for your phone. It is also compatible with wireless charging and NFC applications.

  1. Everyday

This is a dual-layer aluminum and polymer design that protects your phone during everyday use. The aluminum layer does not allow wireless charging or NFC.

Design and Templates

It is easy to find design templates free on the internet, and the case makers also provide templates you can use. They come in a range of themes, from ones that will help you upload your photo(s), add your text, and many others. There is also a range of designs from floral patterns, vintage, modern styles, and cute designs. You can also get officially licensed filter options from popular franchises such as Harry Potter, The Avengers, Disney, and many others.

How to Design a Custom Case

First, choose the phone model and case style you want from the selection given by your chosen vendor. You can now start on your design. The vendor website should lead you to the design page where you will:

Choose the design: Here you will choose whether the phone will have one picture covering the back or a collage, where the text on it will be and how it will look, and what theme will be applied to it.

Upload Pictures: Pick the images you would like applied to the design and it should automatically place them as best it can into the design template.

Add Text: Click on Text on the design tool’s tab. Write names, jokes, or anything you desire. Then change the color, font, size, and how it appears, vertical or horizontal.

Layers: Change the order images that appear from back to front and change the background color. You can change how it appears by changing placements.

Shapes and Icons: If the option is available, add lines and shapes to your design to make it more unique. Icons can be added just like text and edited in the same way.

Before completing the design and heading to checkout, first a few tips on your design to avoid it being dated in a week.

You should consider the following trends for your case:

  • Photos: With the increase in popularity of Instagram, people want to have pictures of things. You can even add yours with a link you your Instagram page. Just because it is fun does not mean it cannot promote your brand.
  • Use Patterns: Not just simple patterns; think modern minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian, etc. The sky’s the limit.
  • Colors: Go bold, don’t be shy, let your phone show your personality with bright colors, or dull colors if that is your preference.
  • Animals: Everyone loves puppies and kittens. Commemorate your pet by placing him on your phone case.
  • Fun and funny: Share your sense of humor with the world with your funniest joke. Maybe a knock, knock joke? Maybe not.
  • Mythological creatures: Minotaur, dragon, centaur, Cerberus, Bigfoot, there’s no end to them.
  • Nature: Embrace the trees… return to monkey
  • Sports: Be creative, fishing, golf, basketball, football, formula 1, it is all about showing support for your favorite sport, team, or players.
  • Best friends or couples designs: Do you remember the 2018 “Best friends forever” bracelet trend” this is similar, share a case with your loved ones showing times you shared and how much you appreciate them.
  • Monogram: Simple elegant typography and backgrounds are desirable and make for beautiful designs.
  • Minimalist: Don’t be scared of simple designs with white or negative spaces. Less can be more.
  • Art: Hand-drawn art makes for very interesting designs. Don’t limit yourself to hand-drawn art, if computer-designed art is also art and just as valid. Add them to your phone case and share the artist with the world.
  • Pop culture: These will usually date fast but while they are popular, the meme you have will be a source of amusement for all and a reminder of how cringe it used to be.

Many custom phone case-making companies discourage the inclusion of glitter and jewels on your phone case as they are hard to print and showcase. If you absolutely must have glitter and jewels on your phone, you can always have the option of adding them yourself. You should probably have multiple cases for the project in case you don’t get the results you want. This leads to the option to custom make your case from scratch. With guides from the internet, you can create your molds, tailored to your phone. You will also decorate them yourself. The final product will not be as polished as those ordered from mass producers but they will likely be unique to you. It will also be something you can be proud of and will want to show off.

It is also in bad form to steal designs; they may lead to legal trouble and embarrassment for you down the line if the case makers even allow it to be made.

Final words

Just like you have a beautiful design for your phone case, no hassle, and all that’s left is to head to checkout then wait for it to be delivered.