Tackling Your E-Commerce Business Strategy – Top Reasons to Go Mobile in 2021

The internet is widely and wildly transforming, or better yet, revolutionizing the entire digital business landscape. There’s something new each day. Digital transformation has taken the business world by storm, but there’s a new storm on the horizon.

The widespread adoption of smart mobile devices and the incredible convenience that comes with them is ushering in a brand new era. Forward-thinking businesses are well ahead of developing and launching their own mobile apps. With that in mind, it’s time to step up your game and start considering going mobile. Here are a couple of reasons to do so.

Cater to Different Audiences

Mobile commerce and e-commerce websites cater to completely different audiences and have different roles in providing a positive user experience and following customers on their customer journey.

You mustn’t forget about mobile experiences – you should implement them in your company’s e-commerce strategy. According to a study, Americans are primarily online shoppers, with 8 out of 10 preferring purchasing their items online.

However, 51% of them are mobile shoppers, too, meaning they rely on their mobile devices to make purchasing decisions. It should be quite enough to help you understand the potential that comes from leveraging all that mobile traffic. All businesses need a responsive website to function, but a mobile app opens a whole new range of opportunities.

Better User Experience and User-Friendliness

Even with a fully responsive website, your customers still need to sign in to the account or log onto your website to start shopping, which takes some time to complete. On the other hand, users only have to sign in once with mobile apps when they download them.

The moment they sign in, their data is stored in the app itself. This little convenience does wonders for the ease of use, which is the main reason why mobile apps make it easier to keep customers satisfied.

There’s also one big advantage when we’re talking about mobile business apps – they allow users to easily switch between the tabs, making for a simpler and more effective user experience and much better navigation compared to that of the business website.

Phone-Native Features for Experiences On-the-Go

Mobile apps offer many advantages to users to make their shopping experiences smoother. That’s something that even mobile websites can’t provide. Mobile users demand enhanced user experience as the integration of built-in smart features like cameras and GPS allows them to enjoy the highest level of convenience.

Mobile apps also allow for interactive shopping using app-only VR and AR features. One of the most important advantages is that native applications can be used offline too, which isn’t the case with websites. Users can use their apps even when their phones aren’t connected to the internet, which allows them to enjoy on-the-go shopping experiences.

Mobile Apps Are a New Marketing Channel

Every business aims to deliver a unified omnichannel customer experience to the consumers. Well, mobile apps are an excellent tool for social media integration and allow a company to combine various channels of communication to significantly improve customer engagement.

What makes the whole thing even better is that user preferences are saved within the app, leading to more personalized content being displayed to the user. Let’s put it this way – your website allows you to cater to one audience while your mobile app gets your business into a whole new marketplace that you didn’t have access to before.

Multiple Payment Options at a Seamless Checkout

Retail businesses are often facing one of the biggest issues that keep them from achieving their business goals – shopping-cart abandonment. Whether on an e-commerce platform or in-store, cumbersome checkout processes won’t help your customers complete their shopping.

Mobile apps can help solve this problem by making the checkout process more interactive with less friction. Nowadays, digital and mobile wallets are pretty popular among online shoppers. They make things much faster by processing transactions more effectively.

With modern features such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, mobile businesses get a chance to make both payment and checkout much faster and more user-friendly.


Modern technology and mobile apps are advancing hand-in-hand. As we speak, there are smartphone apps with incorporated AR features available to users, spearheaded by leading brands from various industries like Sephora and IKEA.

Many apps are already AI-powered and offer advanced customer service and intuitive features like chatbots to customers to help them choose their preferred items and complete checkouts. If you’re already running a business website, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

If you think about starting an e-commerce business, it’s never been a better time to buy a domain from a trustworthy source and get your business started.