How to Find Out Who Owns a VOIP Phone Number


VoIP calls or Voice Over Internet Protocols are the modern trends of voice and video calling all over the world. It makes communication simpler by enabling you to make calls brings over the internet. With VoIP calls, you can make voice and video calls to anybody but there needs to be the internet connection for both callers.

VoIP calls additionally take into consideration VOIP phone calls and VoIP groups as well. Many business organizations have executed VOIP calls in their correspondence agendas. It encourages them to avoid the charges of different service providers, gives boundless calls and makes correspondence simpler, less expensive and quicker.

Major Problem Related to VOIP Calls

An ongoing concern while using VoIP calls is following an unidentified telephone number to its owner when VoIP calls are made. At the point when unidentified guests make a call through to you on VoIP, you just need to get a free people lookup database, which is the number you see on your telephone.

The issue is following the owner of the unidentified telephone number.

VOIP Address Formats

VOIP Address, for the most part, comes in the format: 1234@voip.domain.tld,, 1234@176.42.127 and so forth.

Every one of the calls can be followed down, particularly if there is a genuine requirement for this, and specialists can utilize different implications to follow these calls.

Setting up Your Gadget to Show the VoIP CallerID Name

Following the proprietor of a VoIP, the number becomes simpler when you have the first number. This number is really comprised of two sections; the first is the guest ID which is the number you can see, while the second is the guest ID name, CNAM.

Most telephone numbers show the guest ID as it is. Along these lines, to get the guest ID name, you need to change the setup of your telephone to show the guest ID name CNAM.

There are various sites and databases for people to lookup freely, this help to give you step by step strategies on the most proficient method to arrange your phone to show the guest ID name, so these free people lookup databases will be refreshed to show both the number and the name. They would unquestionably update the name you need as long as the number is in that database.

How People Can Look up the Number from Database

Fortunately, there are various approaches for people to look up the VOIP number:

Turn around Phone Detective

This type of programs use diverse online applications to follow the owner enrolled in the telephone line. There are various applications accessible on the internet through which people can look up freely. They are free and expect you to include the guest ID in the internet searcher. These online free lookup database can be utilized to search for landline numbers as well.

VoIP Service Provider

Another approach to locate the caller of an unidentified VoIP number is through the VoIP service provider. People can look up the guest ID and the time the call was made

The main condition of utilizing this strategy to follow the guest is that the guest whom you need to think about must have an enlisted guest ID or IP address. If the guest is using a VPN or a duplicate IP to call, at that point it makes it harder to follow the guest.

Free IP Address Lookup

If you get the IP address for a VOIP number, you can utilize that to discover who possesses the telephone number utilizing an IP address query. An IP address query doesn’t give you as much data as a free lookup database of different applications.

No doubt, it will disclose to you where the IP address is found, the internet service provider, and the area name. With some analyst work, you can utilize that data to discover who claims the VOIP telephone number. This technique is best utilized if all else fails.


If you’ve followed all the above methods and still cannot solve your query or discovered little information, then it’s time to give things to an expert.

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