How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

By all accounts, having an online presence is integral to your business’s success. But after making the website itself, many entrepreneurs wonder: How do I go about increasing traffic to my website?

Increasing traffic to your website is one of the most important things you can do for overall visibility and ROI of your business. Utilizing tools like social media promotions, local listings, and content marketing can help build trust in returning customers while also producing interest in new ones. Here is a quick guide for how to increase traffic to your website.

Social Media Promotions

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your website, you’re going to have to liberally use social media promotions. The reality is, most people are using social media multiple times each day. If you’re promoting your website with quality content all day, every day – results are sure to follow. There is an enormous difference in the amount of traffic to your website from posting content on social media three times rather than once.

Something many people don’t consider when utilizing social media promotions is that people aren’t consuming their newsfeed from start to finish, like a book. They’re dipping in and out of various status updates, much like a person might read a magazine. This means that if you’re only going to share content once, most people won’t see it. However, if you increase the amount of promotions to at least three times, especially across platforms, it will drastically increase people accessing your business.

Local Listings

Another way to increase your online visibility is through local listings. Often, we forget how much local listings can influence our decisions for consumption. Web users employ search engines to type in things like “best Chinese food in uptown,” or “most affordable boxing classes near me,” almost every day. Often, a certain company will appear at the top of the list based on purchasing placements for a certain set keywords in a specific location.

This method of marketing is called local search engine marketing. It uses techniques to increase the frequency of your business popping up on search engine results. Typically, the more you pay, the more your business will be visible to online users. This is incredibly important whether you’re in a big city or a small town. Then again, what’s even more effective is capturing listings across multiple directories in an accurate and consistent way. With people looking for businesses to check out online, it’s crucial for your brand to use this tool.

Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the more forgotten, yet obvious, strategies to increasing your online visibility is through content marketing. One way to utilize content marketing is by using links in online blog posts. These links within your blog not only positively contribute to the quality of your content, it drives users to important areas of your site. These links create a literal web of connections contributing to the discussion and success of your business. Not to mention, it’s a great way to network with other companies and gain new clients.

Another form of content marketing is the effective use of keywords through online searches. Using heavily-searched keywords in your content marketing is a sure-fire way to get your organization noticed online. Once you figure out what people are searching, you can use those target keywords in your own campaigns to attract business. This way, your product is exactly what your customer is looking for, down to the word.

This quick guide to increasing your website’s traffic will hopefully get you up and running with the tools to build a large customer base. Remember to be active with your web presence, promote through local listings, and utilize content strategies to ensure that your company will succeed. Now up and at ‘em!

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