How to Prepare to Launch Your Startup

The launch phase of startup businesses is full of excitement and promise for future success. You’ve honed your next big entrepreneurial idea, and you’ve got your group around you ready to take it to the public. You’re thrilled to begin work, and you want to hit the ground running with some momentum from your launch. The question is – what will you need in place preceding the launch? To help you prepare everything, ensuring all avenues are considered and accounted for, this handy guide looks at those elements of your business you should prepare before launch.

Prepare Your Digital Assets

By far the most important element to your pre-launch plans should be your digital assets: in other words, your email address, your website, your app – if you have one – and your digital marketing strategy. You should have the following business necessities set up and ready to roll:

  • There are a few documents you will need to fill out online to register your business. Make sure to review them carefully like the LLC operating agreement that outlines several key details for your business structure.
  • Make sure to buy domain names to match your brand, so you have a website that’s easily found
  • Design your website to be both user-friendly and stylish, again matching your brand ethos
  • Set up a smart email address linked to your domain name, where customers can correspond easily with your company
  • Design and launch a beta version of your app, if you’re going to use one
  • Set up a digital marketing campaign – in-house or with the help of outsourced marketing companies

With these assets in place, you’ll be able to begin trading on the day following your launch.

Brief the Press and Your Team

To make sure everyone’s on the same page, you should ensure that both your team and the press that’ll be covering your launch know exactly what your company is bringing to the table – and will be able to communicate a coherent brand message to those who wish to trade with you. Consider using the following:

  • Press releases with all the relevant information contained on an A4 piece of paper
  • A pitch pack to show investors and potential partners about your business
  • A style, tone and brand guide for your team to read and understand
  • A founding text – your Magna Carta – posted in the ‘about’ section of your website

These documents will serve you well into the future and will avoid confusion as you add to your team and spread the word about your fabulous new business.

Prepare an Event

After all the hard work you’ve put in getting to the launch phase of your startup venture, it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate your achievements thus far. A launch event is a perfect scenario in which to do this. Launch events have the following benefits:

  • They serve as networking opportunities in your community or industry
  • They help your team celebrate and bond, building excitement and inspiration
  • They announce your brand on the scene with a certain razzmatazz
  • They provide marketing material for the future and for the press to leap on

Launching your product or service is a significant milestone in your entrepreneurial journey, and with the above elements taken care of, you’ll be able to launch your brand in style, with the peace of mind that you’ve taken care of everything before the event itself.

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