How to promote your Instagram account in 2020

Social media platforms have become a hub of marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Arguably the most popular of the social networks today is Instagram, which is now home to over a billion users. Having been founded as a simple photo and video sharing app in 2010, Instagram is now the most effective channel for brands and influencers to reach their audience. In fact, researches expect the number of US businesses using Instagram for marketing to touch 75.3 percent in 2020.

With people of all ages jumping on the bandwagon and making this app an integral part of their lives, it is essential to promote your Instagram account to reach more people. While it is undoubtedly imperative to promote your Instagram, be sure that all of the methods you use are organic. Below are some tips to achieve your Instagram marketing milestone in 2020:

Best ways to promote your Instagram account in 2020

Polish your profile

The quality of your Instagram profile picture, bio, and description needs to be top-notch. With so many businesses running immaculate marketing campaigns with attractive profiles and content, your profile and posts must stand out to make an impact. Since your profile is your first impression, put some effort into making it look worthy of following.

Engage your target audience

An Instagram account that doesn’t interact with its audience is likely to lose followers. On the other hand, one that keeps the audience involved by requesting and posting user-generated content will experience an increase in follower count. People are genuinely interested in profiles that create engagement with interesting Instagram photos and videos.

Hashtags and location

The use of relevant hashtags can attract an audience that actually wants to know more about your work. Similarly, the location tag is also useful because it lets your audience know precisely where they can find your business or brand. Also, Instagram promotes your content to more people who have already shown interest in a similar tag. This is particularly useful when it comes to promoting Instagram stories.

Post regularly

No one likes dull and inactive social media accounts, and Instagram accounts are no exception. In most cases, one post on Instagram a day is sufficient to stay in front of your audience. It may be beneficial to occasionally go up to three or four. Being consistent can help keep your image intact.

Organic growth with SimplyGram

The use of organic growth services, such as SimplyGram, can help add value to your profile through consistent promotion. Unlike most Instagram promotion services that sell fake followers, organic promotion services use legitimate strategies to exponentially grow your follower base.

Most importantly, all of these followers are real people who have a legitimate interest in what you do. This rapid growth comes with minimal effort on your part, which is why it is the most efficient method to increase your social outreach on Instagram.


Authentic audiences can only be gained through organic growth, and there are numerous effective ways of making that happen. Start implementing the tips provided in this post to effectively promote your Instagram account in 2020.