5 Cool Cannabis Apps Available on Android

With the popularity of smartphones comes the need for apps to fill them up with. Apps for navigation, for gaming, for shopping and any other need we have are at our fingertips because of our phones.

Android apps can make all the difference in the life of a cannabis product user. Cannabis is on the rise, so the need for apps to make it more accessible are a necessity.

Cannabis and CBD products are popular because of all the benefits they seem to offer users. They can help with anxiety, insomnia, and in some patients, chronic aches and pains.

It is never easy to find a product or two that works best for you. There are so many to choose from that the options can get overwhelming, especially for newbies.

To make the most of the cannabis industry, it is useful to find a few Android apps that can guide you along your way. These five cannabis apps are all available on Android to help users get in touch with their cannabis-loving side.


New cannabis and CBD users might not know just where to start their search. Even seasoned users might be on the hunt for a new product and looking for some inspiration.

If you want an app that specializes in everything cannabis-related, Tokr could be the right choice. They sell so many products that help users find the relief they need.

This app offers information about cannabis products, CBD oils, hemp rubs, and many other related items. According to the journalists at Healthcare Weekly, there are a variety of options for CBD products that work differently in every user.

It is worth finding out what product would work best for your routine. Whether it is a CBD oil or a vape-based product, Tokr can help you purchase a product you’d love.

New users, as well as experienced CBD and cannabis lovers, could find just the right item to help alleviate any symptoms they might experience.


If you love cannabis and already have an idea of the products you love, you might find a gaming app more exciting.

For a cannabis-related gaming experience, simLeaf is worth the download. You can grow any strain of the plant that you choose, taking care of it daily as you would with any real plant.

This is great practice if you one day want to grow your own plant, but is also just fun to play with! This virtual learning experience is great for any newbie just beginning to learn about the world of cannabis.

If you are bored and looking for a new game to play, simLeaf is a fun place to start. You can pretend that you are taking care of a live plant, especially if you don’t have the greenest thumb to care for a real one!


Before you make any CBD or cannabis purchases, it is a good idea to know just what you are buying. While searching online could work, it could also take hours just to find reputable information that comes from a real-life user.

Having all the reviews and ratings that you need right at your fingertips might just be a saving grace when it comes to cannabis and CBD use.

With Leafly, it’s easy to find any information you might need about any strain of cannabis or any related product in general. Active users can leave reviews of dispensaries too so you will know if it is worth a trip to the local spot.

Find tips on using your favorite CBD products, like oils and tinctures. According to CBD Kyro, CBD tinctures are a newly popular way to ingest CBD. They tend to work a little quicker than CBD oils do, making them great for fast relief.

Anything cannabis-related that you need, Leafly can help you get answers. It is easy to download on your Android device for free.

Ultimate Weed Trivia

Getting to know the ins and outs of the plant that creates cannabis and CBD products is an important step in becoming a well-informed user. A more engaging and fun way to learn rather than hours of internet research is playing trivia.

Good thing there is a cannabis app for that! Ultimate Weed Trivia helps players learn more about the plant by engaging them in an intriguing game.

You only get three lives, so be careful! If you get three questions wrong, you’ll have to start all the way back at the beginning.

While starting over can be tedious, it will help you become more familiar with the plant that creates these popular products. Playing trivia is a great way to crush any false information about cannabis.

Playing Ultimate Weed Trivia is a great way to pass time waiting for an appointment or standing in a line.


Looking for the perfect dispensary is not always a simple task. There could be many to choose from, or a select few a far distance away that make you wonder if it is worth the trip.

MOCannaHub has the ability to find the best local dispensaries for users to go when they are looking for any cannabis product they are interested in. Users can read real reviews and get their questions answered by quickly logging into the app.

MOCannaHub also offers delivery features and can link users to doctors that could give them informed advice. It is always a good idea to check with a medical professional before introducing anything new to your body.

For an app that can help you access the cannabis products you need in a pinch, MoCannaHub might be a useful choice for Android users.

Spruce up your Android phone or tablet with a cannabis app that might make your life a lot easier. Even if you aren’t a user of the products themselves, you can still play the games to learn more about what others use them for.