Нow to set up a development environment for Magento 2?

In order to make the Magento 2 development process easier and faster, many experts use the Magento DevBox Beta. This tool allows in a short period of time to complete the full configuration of all software that will be required to start eCommerce operations. This solution will eliminate problems and significantly reduce the time required for diagnostics, as it acts as a single solution for testing and reproducing errors.

Magento DevBox Beta

The Magento DevBox Beta tool is developed using Docker, which enables automated application deployment procedures. These processes will include all the necessary applications and take place inside the software containers. Thanks to this, the user receives several undeniable advantages:

  •  easy and fast setup of Magento 2;
  •  reduces the risk of system vulnerabilities;
  •  the user has the ability to install all the necessary components and a suitable copy of Magento 2 software.

Magento DevBox beta has been released for Windows and Mac, compatible with the most recent Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. The container includes a MySQL database server and a web server, allowing the user to flexibly activate. This includes Redis data caching server, Elasticsearch search technology, Varnish page cache, and RabbitMQ notification queues. All presented tools are for development purposes and are not configured for production deployment. The DevBox tool is presented in beta on Magento, allowing users and developers to take advantage of an easier setup instantly.

Configuration page and developer efficiency

In order to complete the full setup of the Magento DevBox Beta environment, you need to visit the official website of magento.com to download and click on the banner for the new page. The next step is to select the required components and the appropriate software version that you plan to use. A convenient moment is that it is possible to import an already created project by reusing files or start a new one.

In addition, it is possible to customize the rest of the points for a future installation, namely: adding technologies for caching, sample data, search, and sequencing for messages. After the final choice, the user receives the finished file in “ZIP” format. The file includes the customized software and environment for Magento 2, which is ready for use on a personal computer. To extract these files and then use them, it is enough to follow the indicated recommendations.

Before setting up a development environment for Magento 2, you need to remember that it will depend on it to ensure efficient, stable, and fast system operation.