How to use Google reviews on your own website

Adding Google reviews to your website has many benefits, such as

  1. Building trust in website visitors,
  2. Getting better rankings in search engines, and
  3. Improving your website performance (CTR, CR, bounce rate)

Let’s go over how to get the most out of having Google reviews on your website. In case you have not added them yet, the final paragraph shows you how to add them for free – fast.

In-Page Review Carousels

Even though those logo walls of your most well-known customers are a great thing to have on your website, they lack relatability.

In order for you to prove that your business is reliable, add Google reviews from happy customers. Showing the names, pictures, and possibly locations or titles will make them feel more genuine.

This, in turn, makes you more trustworthy, as you can prove that you have satisfied customers.

Good Places for In-Page Review Carousels

  1. Close to any call to actions
  2. Front page (fairly centrally placed)
  3. About us page
  4. Product-specific reviews on product pages
  5. Contact us page

On-Page Scroll or On-Page Load

It’s always a good idea to let your website visitors scroll through your site in peace for a while. After all, they’re there to find something: information, a product, or a service.

To grab the attention of relevant visitors, consider adding a review popup. One of the most popular places review popups are added is the bottom right corner. It does not interfere with the experience, but grabs the attention of an interested visitor.

These types of review popups can be triggered either by the time they have spent on your site or by how much they have scrolled.

To make the experience even more effective, try targeting people from different locations with reviews from their area.

Exit-Intent Popup

Exit-intent popups are widely used because they are a way of salvaging 10-15% of visitors one otherwise would have lost.

To make them even more powerful, you need to finetune the messaging. It should grab the person’s attention AND arise emotions in them.

The best way to do that is to use existing Google reviews from happy customers.

Most effective ways to combine reviews with exit-intent popup

  1. Offer a discount code, and spice it up with Google reviews from customers
  2. Get visitors to signup for the newsletter by showing what others think about you
  3. Highlight the benefits you offer by including product-specific reviews

Google Reviews to Website for Free: 3 Steps

Adding a Google review widget to your own website has never been easier. Or cheaper!

The whole process will take you less than five minutes – and you’ll be able to start finetuning how to get the most out of them.

Adding Google Reviews to Any Website

Step 1: Import existing Google Reviews

Step 2: Customize Your Very Own Google Review Widget

Step 3: Copy-paste Script to Website

The next step would be to make sure you have a review marketing strategy that focuses on constantly getting new reviews and further using them across all of your social media channels.