HTC One Max Leaks Again, Shows its Fingerprint Scanner

The Taiwanese website ePrice has leaked a new photo of the alleged HTC One Max. We have already seen some leaked photos previously but the latest leak shows it next to the One and One Mini, making a complete family portrait for the One series.

HTC One Max

If look at the picture carefully, the black square like thing under the camera lenses is pretty noticeable. It is actually a finger print scanner. The finger print scanner will basically act as a bypass for locked screen which stands it out from HTC one, aside from the large screen and rumored Snapdragon 800 processor. But hold on, don’t keep your hopes too high readers, the scanner was totally absent from the pictures that were leaked earlier this month. One of the justifications can be that probably the feature is available in certain regions and not everywhere.

Besides this, the HTC One Max appears to have three dock connectors, which gives a rough clue that it will have such an accessory at launch. We have also heard the rumor that, it will come with a built-in 64 GB memory and a 5.9-inch 1080p display.

Up till now, HTC has given no official word on the release or specs of One Max, but according to the latest gossips around, it might hit the store shelves in October.

Image courtesy of ePrice

Source: ePrice | News Archive