Lian Li Announces the PC-V360 M-ATX Case

Lian-Li has built a case that utilizes an imaginative solution for accommodating a 240 mm radiator right in front of the motherboard, without taking any extra space.

Lian Li PC-V360

A number of chassis from Lian Li were displayed at Computex 2013, but one of the chassis really stood out from the entire range and it is the upcoming PC-V360. What we have come know by having a look at the chassis that there is a mounting spot right in front of the motherboard, which will pack in the 240mm radiator. Earlier this space has used by aluminum fin stack for a standard air cooler. The radiator is mounted on a frame which is very accessible in a way that it is hinged; it can easily swing out thus making its maintenance user friendly. The bracket is removable also.

Lian Li PC-V360

Other than having this unique and innovative solution for mounting a water cooling radiator, the PC-V360 has a very small form factor and still holds an amazing amount of hardware. It has five 3.5″ drive bays, three 2.5″ drive bays and a single 5.25″ optical drive bay. Ventilation and cooling system is the responsibility of three 120 mm fans and one 80 mm fan, on top of which the radiator is placed.

There was no word disclosed on what the enclosure would be priced at or when it would be available to customers in retail channels.

Source: Lian Li | News Archive