Be Quiet! Announces Pure Wings 2 Fan Series

be quiet! have just announced their newest and latest revision of fans for the Pure Wings series, the Pure Wings 2. These new fans have been launched by be quiet! featuring a modified fan blade design and a freshly planned Rifle bearing.

The company declares that these fans are actually quieter than any other cooling fans launched before. They come with a maximum dBA of just 19.2. The entire design runs around the concept of adding two extra fan blades and in result minimizing the size of the rest in order to increase airflow and decrease noise output.

be quiet! Pure Wings 2

be quiet! has advised its end users that these high performance fans are perfect for taking care of both water cooling and air cooling duty .It is due to their ability that they are able to offer both high static pressure and high airflow. The rifle bearings used are will guarantee to last for 80,000 hours, which is definitely way too much.

be quiet! Pure Wings 2

be quiet! will launch the Pure Wings 2 series right away with the 120mm and 140mm choice. Moreover, later on this year the company will also make the 80mm and 90mm options made available for their users.

The suggested prices are €10.90 for the 120mm model and €11.90 for the 140mm model.

Source: be quiet! | News Archive