EA Unveils New Battlefield 4 Levolution and Multiplayer Gameplay

At Gamescom 2013 EA showcased their latest Battlefield 4 multiplayer map called Paracel Storm. Battlefield 4 is built from the ground up and powered by the new Frostbite 3 Engine and has powerful gameplay and multiplayer features that no other online shooter has to offer. EA has uploaded the full “Pacacel Storm” trailer to their YouTube, you can check it out below.

I have to say that was pretty intense! If you noticed at the end of the trailer there was a big ship crashing into the island. This is called Levolution. Levolution gives each ma its own set of massive destruction settings. We saw an entire building collapse in the “Siege of Shanghai” trailer that was released earlier this year. It will be interesting to see all of the Levolution settings on the multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 4

Also revealed was Battlefield 4 Premium which will give you 5 DLC expansion packs along with some other features. We have them listed below.

Premium Features:
– 5 Expansion Packs
– 2 Weeks Early Access
– 12 Battlepacks
– Priority Server Cues
– New Content Ever Week

Battlefield 4 Expansion Packs List:
– China Rising (Fight for Dominance in the majestic Chinese Mainland)
– Second Assault (Revisit 4 Fan Favorite Battlefield 3 Maps – Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Kharg Island)
– Naval Strike (Experience Dynamic Ocean Combat with Chinese Faction)
– Dragons Teeth (All out Urban Warfare with US Faction)
– Last Stand (Final Map Pack/ Epic Conclusion)

DICE has also confirmed that the BETA for Battlefield 4 would be available for gamers in early October. Battlefield 3 Premium and MOH: Warfighter owners would get first access to the BETA.

Battlefield 4 will be available October 30th for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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