HYTE Y60 Case Review

A Look Inside

Both of the side panels are held into place by a single thumbscrew. When you remove the thumbscrew and pull the panel it will unlock, then you can simply remove it. I like this method as the panels will not drop, fall, and possibly scratch your desk up. For those wondering you can remove both the small 45-degree panel and the front panel as they are held into place with screws.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

As we take a look inside we have a rather interesting design. Of course we have our motherboard tray, which does support E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and ITX motherboards. On the side of the motherboard are two large cable routing holes, which do have the rubber inserts installed. The bottom section of the case also has the same slits in it as we saw on the top and side of the case. I really like how all of these design elements flow together. This bottom section of the case of course covers your bottom fans so this really keeps the inside part of your case clean.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

Mounted in the bottom of the case is the included PCI-Express 4.0 riser. The other half of the riser is pre-installed in the top expansion slot. This half of the riser is encased in a red shell to match the rest of the case.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

Towards the front of the case there is a cooling mount which does support two 120 / 140 mm fans or radiators up to 280 mm.

HYTE Y60 Case

The back side panel comes off just like the glass side panel, so it is quite easy to remove and put back on. This panel does have a large filter built into it that covers the entire ventilated section. Now the filter itself is not removeable, but it is easy enough to remove your panel and clean off the filter.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

With the back panel removed we can see we have a pretty simple layout for this side of the case. The front panel cables are actually nicely routed in the bottom section of the case and you have a USB 3.2 gen 2 header, USB 3.0 header, HD audio header, and your front panel header cables.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

We can see our two hard drive trays and a rather large opening at towards the top of the case to route cables. There are plenty of tie-down points on the backside of the motherboard tray as well as along the cable channel in the center of the case.

HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case HYTE Y60 Case

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