Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case Review

Phanteks has always been a leader in making cases that not only look great, but are functional and provide great airflow. Two years ago they released their Eclipse P500A and it was a massive hit, many people called it the airflow king. Well today they are launching the Eclipse G500A, which effectively is replacing the P500A as their high performance premium mid-tower in the Eclipse series. Designed with high airflow in mind the Eclipse G500A features Phanteks’ ultra-fine performance mesh design that combines high airflow performance with excellent dust filtration. On top of that you are going to get their new high airflow M25-140 fans, support for up to 11 hard drives out of the box, room for long graphics cards, and much more. We are going to be checking out the white D-RGB version of the case that ships with three RGB fans and has RGB strips built into the front and side of the case.

Special thanks to Phanteks for providing us with the Eclipse G500A to review.


phanteks g500a specs


The Eclipse P500A comes in your standard case box. On the front it simply says “Eclipse P500A”. On the back there is an illustration of the case.

Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case

Opening the box up we find the case nicely protected. This is actually some of the better protected I’ve seen a case come in lately.

Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case

Inside the case you’ll find a box of accessories. This includes your mounting hardware, user’s guide, two hard drive cages, zip ties, a metal piece that helps your GPU from sagging, and a plastic base for vertical GPU mounting. The two hard drive cages support a single 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drive. These can be stacked and mounted in different places in the case, which we’ll show you in a bit.

Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case Phanteks Eclipse G500A Case

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