iClever BTS05 & BTS06 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Review

Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts
iClever has two good splash=proof bluetooth speakers in their BTS05 and BTS06. Both are indeed splash-proof and should be able to handle the elements pretty well. Compared to other waterproof speakers they are also extremely affordable at $22.99 for the BTS05, and $16.99 for the BTS06.

The BTS05 is the larger speaker of the two offering 2 x 10W drivers for some pretty impressive sound, enough to fill a large room with sound. The BTS06 is smaller and has 2 x 5W drivers so it is not as loud, but more than powerful enough for a small room like a bedroom. I would say the BTS05 is more of a home speaker given its size, and the BTS06 is the travel speaker or the speaker you take with you camping, to a cookout, etc.

Both speakers have good sound, but as I said it is not the best we’ve heard, but definitely not the worst either. Given the price of the speakers this is acceptable. Both of these speakers could easily be priced $10-20 more expensive in my opinion.

– IPX5 splash-proof
– Good quality sound
– Easy to operate and set up
– Price

– Not the best sound we’ve heard from speakers of this size

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