iClever BTS05 & BTS06 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Review

Usage & Testing
Getting both speakers set up is quite easy. You can charge them up with their supplied microUSB cables, there is a red light that lets you know the speaker is charging. Once charged you can just hit the power button (or switch on the BTS06), and the speaker will be ready to pair. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and you’ll see the speaker listed there. Click on it and you’ll be paired.

I’ve listened to all types of music on both the BTS05 and BTS06. Obviously with the larger drivers the BTS05 sound better and has more full sound. Both speakers do offer good audio quality, definitely not the worst I’ve heard, but not the best either. The BTS05 has pretty good bass and is powerful enough to fill a large room with sound. The BTS06 can fill a small room like a bedroom with sound, but it would be hard to hear in a larger room.

iClever lists both these speakers as waterproof, but doing some research they are IPX5 splash-proof. So I decided to see how true that was. With the speaker on and connected to my phone playing music I dumped water on each speaker. Both of them continued to play music without any issues. So we can definitely say they are splash-proof and you don’t need to worry about them in the rain or something getting spilled on them.

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