Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card Review

Let’s face it, pretty much every thing we use these days requires an SD card either for its main storage, or adding extra storage. If you are shooting photos or video having a reliable SD card is crucial. You want something that won’t fail on you and is fast enough to keep up with your recording, especially if you are recording in 4K. Patriot thinks that they have the perfect card for you in their LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card. This is a Class 10/UHS-I compatible card offering transfer speeds up to 90 MB/s. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Patriot for providing us with the LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card to review.

Packaging & Overview
The LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card comes in a nice retail package. The front is open so you can see the card and it lets us know the capacity, which is 256GB, the only capacity currently offered by Patriot.

Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card

Flipping over to the back there is more information on the card and we can see that it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card

The card comes in a carry case that holds both the card itself an the SD card adapter. Having the SD card adapter means that you can use this card in larger devices that take SD card like a big camera, and then swap it out to smaller devices like a GoPro. Looking on the card we can see that it is a Class 10, it supports the UHS-I interface and and it has a UHS-I speed class of 3.

Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card

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