Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card Review

Usage & Testing
I have been using the Patriot LX Series 256GB MicroSD Card with my GoPro Hero 5 and I haven’t encountered any issues. I have also used it with my Sony a6300 shooting 4K video and it was easily able to keep up.

Using the adapter I went ahead and plugged the SD card into the SD card slot in my laptop. It just popped right up and I was able to access my files. We will be running three different benchmarks as well as a real-time test to see just how fast the card is. We will be directly comparing against the Kingston Action Camera microSD Card. All numbers in these graphs are MB/s.




As you can see we have very good results here. Our final test is transferring four 4K movie files to and from the card.

To The Card (Write):

From the Card (Read):

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