ICY DOCK MB668U-1SB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

To test the speed of the enclosure I ran HD Tune on both USB and eSATA. Remember we are using a solid to drive to test this enclosure

As you can see there is a huge advantage to having the eSATA connection on this enclosure. The average transfer speed is 6x faster than USB when connected via eSATA.

Final Thoughts
When it comes to external hard drive enclosures most of them are the same, the only thing that is really different is looks. There are 2 things I really like about the MB668U-1SB, first is the eSATA port. We are starting to see eSATA ports on 3.5-inch hard drive enclosures but they are rarely seen on 2.5-inch enclosures. I really like that ICY DOCK added the eSATA port, you can of course see the performance difference over USB. I also like that you can take any 2.5-inch SATA drive and install it without any tools at all. Installation takes a total of a minute maybe? You really can’t beat that and who wants to deal with little screws that are on most enclosures like this.

The only real problem I had with this enclousre is that it did not come with an eSATA bracket, while most new cases do have eSATA ports many cases do not so you are left in the dark if you do not have a bracket.

You can find the MB668U-1SB online for as low as $20! For that price we can forget that it does not come with the eSATA bracket. Overall ThinkComputers gives the I CY DOCK MB668U-1SB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

– Easy installation
– eSATA port

– No eSATA bracket included

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