In Win Matrix mATX Case Review

Final Thoughts
So we really did not get to test the Matrix to its full extent, but we can still tell you a lot about it. Here is what we did like, its simplicity to start. The all white color and conservative design really makes this case perfect for any setup. It will definitely grab attention wherever it is placed. I also like the ventilated back cover, this really helps with cable management and still gives the case its clean look. Also I assume the partition plate cooling works really well with a stock Intel cooler, too bad we couldn’t test it.

There really are not that many huge issues with this case, but I don’t like that In Win dubs it as a gaming case. I don’t think that many gamers would be using a stock cooling option. Not to mention there is not a lot of room inside for larger video cards. We had quite a hard time getting our small Sapphire X1300 XT video card installed. I couldn’t imagine putting a large video card in there, and a dual video card setup would be hell to get in there! The power supply is 300W and if this is a gaming case it should be a little more powerful than that, and at least have a PCI-E connector, which it does not. Also cooling would be an issue in this case as it only has a single fan to cool the entire case.

This case would be a good desktop case for a regular mATX based PC or a HTPC, but it is no gaming case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the In Win Matrix mATX case a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small

– Eye catching all white design
– Unique back ventilation cover
– Partition plate cooling

– In no way is it a gaming case
– Partition plate cooling can only be used with the stock Intel cooler
– Can only be used with Intel-based systems with the stock cooler
– Not sufficient cooling for a gaming case

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