Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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In Win’s D-Frame Mini Is Back!

In Win originally released their D-Frame Mini open-air chassis back in 2014. This was a smaller version of the original D-Frame and supported mini-ITX builds. Even though this case became one of In Win’s most popular cases they only produced a limited number of units at the time. If you missed your chance at getting your hands on a D-Frame Mini now is the time to get one as In Win is re-releasing it!

The re-released version is the exact same as the one we reviewed in 2014 except In Win has added a few new colors. Originally it was available in orange, red, and black, but now it will also be available in blue, green, and white. In Win is also dropping the price significantly from $350 all the way down to $199.

You can pick up the case on Amazon right now!

Bob Buskirk
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