Inno3D Says Using Their Cards To Mine Could Possibly Void The Warranty

Since Cryptocurrency mining is back in full effect it has generated an overwhelming demand for graphics cards. This had led to card shortages at retailers and what seems like the wild west on the second-hand market, with cards selling for far more than their MSRPs. It looks like one graphics card manufacturer is trying to thwart off miners by adding a sticker to their graphics cards that says, “This product is not designed for Crypto Mining. We reserve the right to void the warranty if there is any damage associated with this application.”

inno3d mining

So why has Inno3D done this? The demand for cards means they are going to sell more right? Well one major side effect of running multiple graphics cards 24/7 in systems / racks without sufficient ventilation is that the cards will die or become damaged. The miner then goes ahead and RMA’s the cards. It seems Inno3D has been affected enough by RMA requests and the economics of it that they started adding these warning stickers to their graphics cards.

While the sticker might deter some people, this is not really legally binding. Miners in the United States and Europe should have no problem being able to RMA their cards. On top of that it would be very hard for Inno3D to prove that the damage to the card was caused by mining or even a particular workload for that matter.

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