Intel 13th Gen Core-HX High-end Laptop Specs Leaked With Up To 24 Cores

An updated list shared by OneRaichu features well-known Core-HX SKUs, including the Core i9-13900HX, Intel’s first 24-core mobile CPU, and the Core i7-13700HX, which is equipped with the same configuration as the flagship 12th Gen Core HX processor (12950HX). Regarding speed, both versions are reported to go beyond and above 5.0 GHz.

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Additionally, the leaker divulges the technical specifications for the Core i7-13650HX (14-core), i5-13500HX (14-core), and i5-13450HX (10-core) models. As some SKUs were not included in the 12th series, a straight generation-to-generation comparison for all parts is not feasible; thus, the following is most likely the most accurate version available at this time:

i9-13900HX 8P16E max 5.4/3.9
i7-13700HX 8P8E max 5.0/3.7
i7-13650HX 6P8E max 4.9/3.6
i5-13500HX 6P8E max 4.7/3.5
i5-13450HX 6P4E max 4.6/3.4
Max DRAM support up to DDR5-5600/DDR4-3200(Part SKU just 4800).
DRAM/Freq/Ring/PL OC

Given this, it can be said that each component has been improved, at least in terms of clock speeds. In addition, some components will have extra cores. It has been reported that the newer laptops would be compatible with the faster DDR5-5600 overclocked memory in addition to the DDR4-3200 standard.

Nothing is known about processor base power (PBP) and maximum turbo power (MTP) numbers. However, they are expected to be the same as the 12th generation Core-HX series, which are 55W and 157W, respectively. Such values were utilized across the HX series stack.

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Although Intel stated that the goal is to debut before the end of this year, there are presently no leaks on the 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake mobile series’ likely launch date. Hopefully, this also applies to the HX “desktop-class” series.