Intel 14th Gen Core-HX & 65W Desktop CPUs Are Indeed Coming Soon

Intel has taken a gradual approach in revealing their forthcoming desktop and mobile CPUs. Instead of a grand announcement, they’ve been subtly sharing hints and confirmations on social media, avoiding specific details. It’s worth noting that Intel has already launched its 14th Gen Core-S 125W Desktop CPUs. It’s widely known that the company plans to introduce 65W models soon, possibly during CES 2024, which is the customary stage for such series announcements.

During an exclusive event hosted in Asia, Intel officially acknowledged the presence of both the 65W desktop models and the upcoming Core-HX series designed for laptops. This announcement signifies Intel’s preparations to provide a complete desktop lineup for the 14th Gen Core series and to revamp the 55W laptop category, particularly targeting high-end gaming laptops.

Furthermore, Intel revealed its plans to address the Chinese market with unique editions. Each LGA1700 series release incorporates models such as the i5-13490F or i7-13790F, which incorporate components from more premium variants, providing larger caches and increased clock speeds in comparison to the global lineup. It’s crucial to note that these components won’t be accessible worldwide.


Intel has formally detailed its strategy for the last set of 14th Gen Core CPUs, signifying the conclusion of this previous naming convention. This marks the company’s transition toward Core Ultra and non-Ultra models without the “i” designation.

In the near future, Intel has set a specific event date for December 14th to unveil the Intel Core 100 series, built on the Meteor Lake architecture, and the 5th Gen Xeon Scalable processors codenamed “Emerald Rapids.” It’s unclear whether the rest of the 14th Gen series will be included in this event or if they’ll follow Intel’s usual release schedule and debut in the subsequent year.

Source: @wnxod