Intel 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” T-Series 35W SKU Specs Leaked

Two months ago, Intel unveiled its 14th Generation Core processors, known as “Raptor Lake Refresh” for desktops, with a default TDP of 125 watts. While these CPUs are designed for the high-end market, appealing to enthusiasts and gamers, a substantial number of future Intel users may opt for processors without overclocking plans. Furthermore, many preassembled systems are configured with Core non-K series CPUs, which enjoy widespread popularity. Despite offering limited overclocking capabilities, these processors are more budget-friendly compared to their K-series counterparts.

Presently, Intel is in the midst of unveiling non-K models with a standard TDP of 65 watts, alongside T-Series CPUs with a lower 35W power setting. The T-Series is specifically tailored for low-power systems with constrained cooling capacity, offering an ideal solution for applications like home servers or embedded systems. In these scenarios, where a high core count is essential but single-threaded performance may not be a top priority, the T-Series CPUs prove advantageous.


@momomo_us’ recent leak has filled in the previously undisclosed information regarding the T-series, specifically pertaining to boost clocks. Depending on the SKU, Intel is set to reduce the maximum boost clock for each unit by 200 to 300 MHz in comparison to the 65W models. However, the maximum turbo clock is only one aspect; these CPUs also feature constrained base clocks, ranging from 3.x GHz on 125W models to 1.x GHz on the 35W models.

Individuals requiring 35W SKUs will be able to choose from a range spanning 2 cores (Intel 300) to 24 cores (i9-14900T). The list also verifies the presence of a 20-core i7-14700T, 14-core i5-14500T, i5-14400T with 10 cores, and i3-14100 with 4 cores. Notably, the absence of the i5-14600T in the leaked SKU lists suggests that it may have been canceled or could potentially emerge later.

Source: @momomo_us