Intel 14th Gen Core Series Confirmed Via Gigabyte AORUS Z790 X Motherboard Series

Gigabyte had been generating excitement for its upcoming Z790 motherboard series, tailored to pair perfectly with the upcoming Intel Core CPUs. It was clear that the company had anticipated Intel’s unveiling of this series at their Innovation event, but that reveal never happened. As a result, Gigabyte had to ask reviewers to keep any information about the new CPU series off the packaging and motherboards they had received, as originally planned.

Z790 AORUS X scaled

Luckily, Videocardz secured images from the ongoing testing of the AORUS Z790 Master X motherboard, which clearly demonstrate its compatibility with the 14th Gen series. While Intel’s 14th Gen CPU lineup is widely known by now, this marks the significant moment when the first board partner officially confirms the existence of the 14th Gen series.


As per Gigabyte’s statement, the redesigned Z790 X series has seen enhancements and is poised to be a perfect match for Intel’s latest CPUs. Even though the official launch of the new CPU series is scheduled for October 17th, Z790 X motherboards have already reached reviewers and are set to enter the market soon.

Via Videocardz

Images Credit: Videocardz,  Overclock3D