Intel 14th Gen Core Specs Leaked By MSI, 3% Faster Than 13th Gen

MSI accidentally shared an unlisted video that has now become public. This video contains a product training segment showcasing MSI’s latest Intel 700 motherboard series and their upcoming PC cases. Although the video primarily highlights enhancements to these motherboards, there’s also a brief slide discussing the upcoming Intel next-gen Core series.

IMG 7425

The slide has provided confirmation that there won’t be significant core count increases in Intel’s 14th Gen Core series. Among the upcoming K-series CPUs, only a single processor will undergo a core adjustment, adopting a hybrid setup of Performance and Efficient cores. Specifically, the Core i7-14700K is set to receive 12 Efficient cores, representing an enhancement over the Core i7-13700K’s 8 E-cores.

MSI’s confirmation aligns with the use of the 8P+16E configuration for the Core i9-14900K. This configuration also extends to the Core i5-14600K, which will feature a 6P+8E setup. It’s important to note that Intel’s upcoming launch will include only the K and KF-series next month, while the non-K models are anticipated to arrive in the early months of next year.

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Utilizing the Intel 7 process technology, the CPU series will exclusively offer enhanced support for higher DDR5 frequencies. The company has substantiated that the Intel 14th Gen Core exhibits an average 3% increase in speed when compared to the current generation series. Notably, the Core i7-14700K stands out with a significant up to 17% improvement in multi-threaded (MT) performance attributed to its additional cores. Intel’s formal introduction of this new series is scheduled for Innovation 2023 in September.

Update: The video’s privacy settings have been changed to “private.”

Source: MSI