Intel Arc A750 8 GB Graphics Card Is Now Available For Just $225 US

The price of Intel’s Arc A750 graphics card with 8 GB memory keeps decreasing and you can currently find it at its cheapest price ever on Newegg. After Intel revealed that the price of its Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card was lowered to $249 US, retailers and AIBs have been providing even more attractive deals and promotions on the card.

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Newegg, a US retailer, has recently announced¬†that customers can avail an extra discount of $25 US on the Intel Arc A750 8 GB graphics card by using the promo code “PAX323B”. With this discount, the card’s price will go down from $249 US to just $224 US. Additionally, users can also enjoy a game bundle worth $99.99 US, making it a great opportunity for gamers who want to try out the latest games with this graphics card.

This deal gets even sweeter as the Intel Arc A750 8 GB graphics card is now priced similarly to the base AMD Radeon RX 6600 models, which are priced between $225-$229 US. Even though the Intel card targets the RX 6650 XT and is slightly better than the entry-level AMD model, it still comes in cheaper than its main competitor, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB graphics card by around $100 US. This makes the deal even more attractive since the Intel card was already performing better than the NVIDIA card at its original price of $249.99 US.

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Although Japanese retailers have offered the Intel Arc A750 8 GB graphics card for a stunning price of $180 US, this sale is exclusive to that market. However, the current deal from Newegg is still the cheapest listing for the A750 8 GB graphics card in the United States.

It seems like Intel and retailers are making a big effort to get rid of their Arc inventory by offering significant discounts. They may be doing this in order to expand their market share without worrying about profit margins. Intel is rumored to be launching an Arc Alchemist Refresh lineup later this year, which could explain why they are using these promotions to move their current Arc products off the shelves.

Via Newegg