Intel Arc Alchemist DG2-512EU and DG2-128EU GPUs Leaked

A leakster has released a video revealing some latest information about the launch schedule of the discrete GPU series of Intel.

The video hints at Intel Arc Alchemist focusing on just two processors used in the DG2 chips, the SOC1 (with up to 512 Execution Units) and SOC2 (with up to 128 EU). It seems like there would be no DG2-384EU as rumored earlier.

Intel Arc DG2 GPUs 2

A picture also compares the size of SOC1 and SOC2 chips. The launch schedule of the Arc Alchemist is still unclear but Intel has recently confirmed that it is expected that they will launch its GPUs at the start of the next year. It is still not revealed if the desktop or the mobile version will be launched first.

Intel Arc Release Date

MLID reports that the manufacturers have not yet started with the mass production of the DG2 chips. The pre-release samples will not be shipped to the partners any earlier than January. There are speculations that the desktop version of Intel Arc Alchemist will be launched earlier than the mobile version mainly because desktop gaming cards are not bound to the launch schedule of any other products(e.g mobile CPUs in case of the mobile version). Therefore, they are expected to be shipped right after their manufacture.

Intel Arc DG2 512GPU