Intel Arc Alchemist DG2 GPUs Will Support DisplayPort 2.0

After one day of AMD’s introduction of DisplayPort 2.0 support for its GPU drivers, Intel has confirmed that their upcoming GPUs will support DisplayPort 2.0 technology.

Intel DG2 DP2 support Intel DG2 DP2 enablement

The webpage Phoronix states that Intel has started enabling the DisplayPort 2.0 standard for its DG2 GPUs. Since the GPU series is explicitly mentioned in the patch notes, it can be safely said that Intel’s Arc, first-gen graphics cards aka “Alchemist,” will support the DisplayPort 2.0 display standard.

Initially, the DisplayPort 2.0 support includes 17 patches for the i915 kernel display driver. This is not the full implementation of the DP2.0 standard yet. The engineers working on these patches still have a long list of things to do.

Intel DG2 DP2 support

As of now, none of the monitors support DisplayPort 2.0; however, a compatible monitor is expected to arrive in 2022. It is expected that AMD RDNA3 and Intel DG2 GPUs are expected to be the first discrete gaming processors with DP 2.0 support. There is no information on whether NVIDIA Ada Lovelace will support the standard or not.