Intel Arc “Alchemist” Discrete Graphics Card Pictured

Intel posted a clear and up close picture of its Arc “Alchemist” gaming graphics card on the official Intel Graphics Discord channel. Taking a look at the picture we can see that the PCB takes up about 75% of the card with the rest of the card being made up of the cooling solution, which is a fin stack that appears to have four heatpipes that likely connect to another fin stack and the GPU block.

intel arc alchemist pcb

We can also see a rectangular pad for the GPU, which makes sense for the larger “Alchemist” GPU. The GPU pad is surrounded by what we assume are either GDDR6 memory pads with a 256-bit wide memory interface. There are at least 10 VRM phases seen as well and a combination of 8-pin and 6-pin connectors for power so included slot power you get up to 300W. The PCB traces show that the GPU will connect to all of the 16 PCI-Express lanes. Display outputs include three DisplayPort and a single HDMI. This particular sample is said to have 512 execution units (4096 unified shaders) and apparently outperforms the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

Via SquashBionic (Twitter)

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