Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile GPU Paired With Tiger Lake Core i7-11800H CPU Shows Up On Geekbench

Back in August, Intel announced its Arc GPU series at its Architecture Day. Alongside the announcement, they confirmed that the first series of Xe-HPG will be codenamed, Alchemist. Now the Xe-HPG 512-EU has been spotted on Geekbench.

Intel DG2 ARC 1

The Xe-HPG 512-EU is Intel’s discrete flagship mobile GPU, which is housed in the Tiger Lake-H laptop, which means that Intel is waiting neither for its Alder Lake-H55 laptops nor for AMD refresh featuring Rembrandt silicon.

The platform shows the card as Xe Graphics, with no mention of Arc product name yet. Moreover, it is operating at a maximum frequency of 1800 MHz and houses 512 Compute Units (Geekbench’s way of describing Intel Execution Units). Intel recently announced that Xe-HPG products will have a new name for these core clusters: Xe-Cores.

Intel DG2 ARC 2

Prior to this, Xe-HPG GPUs have appeared on Geekbench too. The leaks featured the DG2-256EU model, and DG2-128EU. The 512EU outperforms the entry-level models, but is no match for mid-range GPUs from AMD/NVIDIA (slower than RX 570/GTX1650). However, according to the rumors, high-end Arc Alchemist GPU secures a spot close to NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPUs.

The 512EU in its current form is 85% faster than the 256EU model. Take note that both GPUs were tested using different platforms (Tiger Lake vs Alder Lake).

Intel OpenCL Performance

It is expected that Intel will at least launch 5 mobile discrete GPUs for laptops in Q1 2022 where the 512EU model will be the flagship high-end gaming GPU. Intel will also launch 384EU and 128EU GPUs in two configurations with varying core counts.

Via Geekbench