Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Could Be Compatible With LGA 1151 Motherboards

Well a new piece of information has surfaced from our earlier report on Intel’s 6-core Coffee Lake CPUs showing up in SiSoftware Sandra. It appears that these CPUs could be backwards compatible with LGA 1151 motherboards on Intel’s 200 series chipsets (and even 100 series chipsets). The Coffee Lake chips that were tested were running in a Kaby Lake S platform system, which of course runs on a 200 series chipset.

coffeelake sandra 3

So this could mean that users will have a straight, drop-in upgrade path if they already are running an Intel 200 series motherboard. Of course motherboard manufactures will have to release BIOS updates to enable this, and who knows if they will considering they are going to want you to purchase their swanky new 300 series boards.

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