Intel Confirms Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake For 2024-2025 Client PCs

Intel has made an official announcement stating that the Meteor Lake (Intel 4 process) CPU series is scheduled for release on December 14th. Moreover, Intel has an ambitious consumer roadmap for the next two years, which was outlined during an Innovation keynote by Pat Gelsinger. This roadmap includes a variety of series, such as Meteor, Arrow, Lunar, and Panther Lake.


Intel has recently presented the Lunar Lake architecture, accompanied by advanced generative AI software powered by deep learning. Lunar Lake is positioned as the forthcoming low-power architecture, set to launch after Arrow Lake, which represents the second generation of the Core Ultra series. In contrast to Lunar Lake, Arrow Lake, utilizing the Intel 20A process, is anticipated to cover both desktop and mobile CPU series, emphasizing enhanced power and performance. The Lunar Lake demonstration aimed to underscore the effectiveness of AI acceleration on this energy-efficient architecture.

Lunar Lake

Intel has made an official declaration that Panther Lake is scheduled to enter production in Intel manufacturing facilities as early as the first quarter of 2024. This marks a significant achievement as Panther Lake will be Intel’s first 18A client CPU series, and it’s rumored to include the Cougar Cove P-Cores. While Intel hasn’t shared detailed information about the series, it’s important to mention that Panther Lake is set to be introduced in both desktop and mobile segments, and it’s anticipated to use the same LGA-1851 socket as Arrow Lake for desktop configurations.

Arrow Lake scaled

Source & Images: HardwareLuxx , ComputerBase