Intel Core 7 165H “Meteor Lake” CPU Shows Up On Geekbench With Over 2.5K Score

Newly emerged leaks have provided a glimpse of Intel’s latest Core Ultra series processors, featuring the cutting-edge Meteor Lake architecture. Over the past few weeks, there has been a surge in leaked information regarding the Intel Core 7 155H CPU. This processor has undergone preliminary testing using Geekbench software, revealing multiple performance scores. Concurrently, there have been instances of other products like the Ultra 7 1002H, which come with even more powerful configurations.


The Core 7 1002H has officially been identified as the Core 7 165H as it has surfaced on Geekbench with the same specifications. The earlier use of a four-digit nomenclature by Intel seems to have been a temporary naming convention utilized during the prototype stage, as the processor has now transitioned to its definitive three-digit nomenclature.

The Core 7 165H isn’t a recent addition to the lineup; it was actually one of the processor names unveiled by a leaker, along with the 185H and 155H. This CPU, the Core 7 165H, is equipped with 16 cores and 22 threads, featuring a configuration of 6 P-Pores, 6 E-Cores, and 2 SOC E-Cores. This configuration stands as the highest-tier option within the upcoming architecture.


As can be observed from the comparison, there is virtually no difference between the two samples. They both utilize the same engineering platform (MTL-P) and come equipped with LPDDR5X memory.

While the single-threaded score has seen a slight improvement, now exceeding 2.5K points, the multithreaded score has actually decreased slightly. Consequently, we have not yet seen Meteor Lake achieve a multithreaded score surpassing the 13K mark.

intel core 7 165h geekbench

Even though the Meteor Lake CPU series was prominently featured at the Innovation 2023 event, Intel has refrained from officially confirming the specific SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and specifications. Nonetheless, we do have knowledge of at least four models within this series, all of which boast 14 or 16 core configurations and clock speeds reaching up to 5.1 GHz.

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