Intel Core i3-13100 Quad-core Budget CPU Leaked

Intel still makes quad-core CPUs, but they are the least powerful ones in the Core series. A speculated component is already circulating on the CPU-Z validation website, partially validating its specs. Although the Core i3-13100 has four physical cores and eight threads, it does not have any Gracemont/Small cores. If we exclude the non-Core series, the 13100 is the only desktop CPU in the 13th generation that does not feature any.

CORE i3 13100 SPECS

This part is now available at a frequency of 3415 MHz, which is lower than anticipated. The i3-predecessor 12100 had a base frequency of 3.3 GHz and a boost speed of 4.3 GHz. Therefore, one may conclude that this sample does not have turbo boost enabled and that the base clock is faster. According to the rumours, the Core i3-13100 would be the only CPU in the upcoming series to use 60W. This is not, however, a Raptor Lake processor. This entry-level CPU is said to use an Alder Lake H0 chip, which would make it a refresh of the Alder Lake Core i3-12100 SKU. Although this has not been validated, it makes a lot of sense.

Intel Core i3

The release of Intel’s Core non-K series is widely anticipated for either the end of this year or CES 2023. The release of inexpensive 13th Generation Core CPUs would be supported by the sale of H770 and B760 motherboards. A preexisting Gigabyte B660 Gaming X motherboard and some DDR5-4800 RAM were used for this particular instance.