Intel Core i3-7350K “Kaby Lake” Benchmarks Revealed

Intel’s first overclockable Core i3 part, the Core i3-7350K, which is part of the upcoming “Kaby Lake” family could turn out to be an interesting option for PC builds. This is the only Core i3 desktop SKU to feature Turbo Boost and unlocked base-clock multiplier so you can easily overclock it. It looks like someone has had access to this chip as benchmarks have been leaked to the web.

core-i3-bencharks-1 core-i3-bencharks-2

The Core i3-7350K is expected to launch at $177, that is less expensive than the current Core i5-6400 quad-core chip ($189). The Geekbench scores reveal something very interesting, the dual-core Core i3-7350K actually beats out the quad-core Core i5-6400! In the Geekbench test the Core i3-7350K 5,137 points in the single-threaded tests, and 10,048 in multi-threaded tests whereas the Core i5-6400 quad-core chip scores 3,686 points (single-threaded), and 9,982 points (multi-threaded). The Core i3-7350K has a Turbo Boost frequency of 4.20 GHz and the Core i5-6400 is clocked at 2.70 GHz, with a 3.30 GHz Turbo Boost. Also included in the test was the higher clocked i5-4670K “Haswell” quad-core chip (3.40 GHz core, 3.80 GHz Turbo Boost) and the Core i3-7350K still beats it!

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