Intel Core i5-13400F 10-core CPU Listed For $216 By US Retailer

A large US retailer has disclosed the price of Intel’s forthcoming Core i5-13400 CPU. The Core i5-13400 from Intel, which has 10 cores, is now available on ShopBLT. As anticipated, the CPU was available with (i5-13400) or without (i5-13400) integrated graphics (i5-13400F). The retailer does not confirm the number of cores, but the cache size of 20 MB and the base clock speed of 2.5 GHz is specified.

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The listing suggests that the cost of the next-generation CPU series would be 24% to 27% more than the predecessor. This may seem like a huge change, but the final i5-13400 performance should be much higher than that of the Alder Lake version. The addition of 4 Efficient cores on the chip itself is largely responsible for the jump in core count from 6 to 10.

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According to some previous leaks, the i5-13400 might be 28% quicker than the 12400 in multi-core tests. Contrarily, just a 7% improvement in synthetic benchmarks for single-threaded workloads was seen. According to reports, Intel’s 13th Generation Core series will be released on January 3, 2023, following an announcement at CES 2023. In addition to the Core i5-13400 SU, the company will also release the i9-13900, the i7-13700, the i5-13600, the i5-13500, and the i3-13100, all of which have a basic power of 65W.

Via ShopBLT

Image Credit:  @momomo_us