Intel Core i5-14600K Overclocked to 5.7 GHz Shows Up On Geekbench

Approximately two weeks before the scheduled release of Raptor Lake Refresh, individuals under embargo, including reviewers, retailers, and overclockers, are actively conducting tests on the upcoming CPU series. This is noticeable due to the rising number of leaked benchmark results. The latest update delves into the performance of the Core i5-14600K CPU, showcasing both stock and overclocked settings and shedding light on the series’ potential.


The soon-to-be-released Core i5-14600K and its KF counterpart, which doesn’t include an integrated GPU, are 14-core processors with a configuration of 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores. In contrast to the 14700K, this CPU won’t see a boost in the number of cores compared to its predecessor. Instead, users can anticipate a higher default maximum frequency of up to 5.3 GHz, according to official information.

In recent tests, the CPU underwent evaluations on both the Gigabyte Z790 AORUS Master X motherboard and the ASUS Z790 TUF PLUS series. The ASUS system boasts 32GB of DDR5-5200 memory and seems to be operating at default settings, with clock speeds not surpassing 5.3 GHz. In contrast, the AORUS platform utilizes 48GB of DDR5-7600 memory and exhibits clock speeds ranging from 5.3 to 5.7 GHz, suggesting the application of some overclocking techniques.

Under default settings, the CPU achieves scores of 2819 in single-core tests and 2779 in multi-core tests. When in overclocked (OC) mode, the scores rise to 2861 for single-core and 17974 for multi-core performance. This translates to a slight boost in single-core performance and approximately an 8% enhancement in multi-threaded performance.

14600K OC

Given that the latter score utilizes the same system as seen in the Core i7-14700KF leak, we can now deduce that the Core i7 CPU will exhibit a minimum performance improvement of 8% in single-core and 18% in multi-core tasks compared to the Core i5 SKU, provided that both scores were achieved using overclocked (OC) settings.

Intel is anticipated to reveal its latest CPU series on October 16th. Reviewers are presently evaluating all six upcoming processors, which implies that additional leaks related to this platform might surface. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that most of the 14th Generation Core CPUs have already made appearances in testing on Geekbench.

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