Intel Core i7-13790F And i5-13490F Black Edition CPUs Spotted

Intel is increasing its 13th Generation Core processor portfolio with two new desktop CPUs, the Core i7-13790F and Core i5-13490F. Although neither chip has been publicly announced, both SKUs appear in an Intel whitepaper. One of these variations has been seen in stores, and it reportedly has better clock speeds and more cache than the “xxx00F” versions it is based on.

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These “xxx90F” variants are commonly known as Black Edition CPUs, even though this is an unofficial moniker based on the black retail packaging. This is significant because, for a while, AMD advertised and sold actual Black Edition CPUs, which had unlocked multipliers for simpler overclocking (like the FX-8350 Black Edition from over a decade ago).

Regardless, a material declaration data sheet (MDDS) from Intel confirms the existence of the Core i7-13790F and Core i5-13490F, albeit it provides no information regarding their characteristics or pricing.
Moreover, the Core i5-13490F product listing on indicates that it is a 10-core/16-thread CPU with 6 P-cores and 4 E-cores, similar to Core i5-13400F. Nevertheless, the Core i5-13490F can turbo up to 4.8GHz, 200MHz faster than the Core i5-13400F. It also has a larger L3 cache, 24 MB, as opposed to f 20 MB.

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The Core i5-13490F is available for 1,599 Chinese Yuan, around $236. On Amazon, you can get a Core i5-13400F for $209.97. As with the previous generation Core i5-12490F, we expect these new processors will be exclusive to the Chinese market.

According to the screenshot from CPU-Z, the Core i5-13490F achieves a single-threaded score of 779.7 and a multi-threaded score of 6,834.5. The Core i5-13400F scored 669 on the single-threaded test and 6,461 on the multi-threaded test in a recent verified CPU-Z run. According to these data, the Core i5-13490F is approximately 16.5% and 5.8% faster, respectively.

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Clearly, this is only one set of benchmarks, but the performance is not poor. Nonetheless, a 200MHz boost at the high end and 4MB of more L3 cache could enhance performance in some circumstances but not significantly in the majority.

Core i7-13790F specifications are more difficult to determine. In contrast to the Core i5-13490F at, which has a direct retail listing, this chip is only available as part of a motherboard and CPU package. It’s worth noting that, like the Core i5-13490F, the Core i7-13790F doesn’t feature unlocked multipliers or integrated graphics (the “F” in the model number indicates this) (as denoted by the lack of a “K” designation). We may also presume that it has a 65W TDP.

Via HotHardware