Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition Processor Review

CPU Testing
Our first benchmarking program is AIDA 64. It has many different CPU benchmarks, the first two will are going to focus on are the CPU Queen and CPU PhotoWorxx. These are both synthetic benchmarks and higher scores are better.

As you can see from the results the i7-4960X beat out the i7-3970X in the Queen test, but not in the PhotoWorxx test. The AIDA64 software did alert us the the PhotoWorxx benchmark was not optimized for the i7-4960X. Up next we have the ZLib and Hash tests. Again higher scores are better here.

The results show a nice improvement in both tests between the two processors. Finally we have our AES test, which again higher scores are better.

Here the previous generation beat out the i7-4960X, but again the AIDA64 software did alert us the the AES benchmark was not optimized for the i7-4960X. Now we are going to move over to SiSoftware’s Sandra benchmarking program. Our first benchmark is the Processor Arithmetic. Higher scores are better here as well.

Here we see a nice improvement between the two processors. Moving on to Sandra’s Processor Multi-Media benchmark. Higher scores and better here as well.

Again a nice improvement. The x264 HD Benchmark 5.0 encodes a 1080p video segment into the x264 format. There are two passes with 4 runs each. We average the 4 runs for each pass to give you what you see below. Obviously higher frames per second is better.

The i7-4970X seemed to do better encoding video. We round out our CPU testing with CINEBENCH R11.5 64-Bit. This benchmark renders a photo-realistic 3D scene. All of the rendering is done by the CPU. At the end the software gives you a score.

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