Intel Core i7-4960X “Ivy Bridge-E” Benchmarks Surface

Benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge-E socket 2011 flagship processor, the Core i7-4960X have surfaced over at Tom’s Hardware. They have already scored an engineering sample of the new chip and have run it through quite a few different benchmarks as well as comparing it to previous Intel generations and AMD’s current generation of chips. These include the i7-3970X, i7-4770K, i7-3770K, i7-2700K, FX-8350, and A10-5800K.






Looking at the test results we can see that the i7-4960X runs pretty much on par with the i7-3970X, only offering a 5% performance increase at best. Now it is much faster than the i7-3930K, its six cores and 12 threads definitely give it an advantage. In single thread tests Intel’s i7-4770K is pretty competitive with it. The power consumption was a surprise though. The i7-4960X has a TDP of 130W which is the same as the i7-3960X, but it has a significantly higher energy-efficiency.

Source: Toms Hardware | News Archive

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