Intel Core i9-12900K And Core i7/i5 Alder Lake Series Packaging Leaked

Photos of Intel Alder Lake CPU packaging have been leaked. The Core i9/i7/i5 K and KF-series CPUs are all set to be launched in November 2021.

Intel Core i9 12900K Box 1

Believing the leaks to be true, it does not look like that any of the K and KF series CPUs will be bundled with a reference cooler. What’s new in this series is a unique design in the packaging of Intel Alder Lake flagship SKU. However, we won’t be seeing many changes in the rest of the series as a standard-sized packaging has been observed that has been there in the previous series too.

The Core i9-12900K packaging features a small wafer, possibly as a display element. Though not a real wafer, this unique and striking design is sure to give a tough time to   AMD’s cubic Ryzen packaging design.

Intel Core i9 12900K Box 2

The photos give no clue about the core i3 packaging. The rumors about Intel launching entry-level SKUs seem to prove right sometime soon.

Intel will be announcing Alder Lake-S desktop CPUs on the 28th of October in an Innovation event. The official launch date of the all-new series is November 4th. The retailers can take pre-orders from 28th October but the product would be shipped no sooner than the launch date.

Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake packaging

Via Videocardz